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Thousands of Greek workers say no to austerity

16 July 2013
Greek strikers marching in Athens in October 2012
ADEDY, PSI affiliate in Greece, together with the trade union confederation GSEE, organised a 24 hour general strike on Tuesday 16th July 2013.

The strike is in protest against new government measures that would result in the further collapse of the welfare state, a further reduction of salaries and pensions, the deconstruction of collective and social rights, the dramatic rise in unemployment, non-application of minimum wage in the private sector, poverty and misery. These measures, if they go ahead, will lead to the abolition of public bodies and to redundancies for thousands of employees.

PSI affiliate ADEDY, representing state workers, has attacked the way layoffs are being imposed on staff, such as those at the state broadcaster ERT which was closed down last month. It said, “The policy of mass layoffs, the dismantling of public institutions and the demolition of any notion of labour rights inaugurate a new undemocratic governance of the country.”

Employees from ADEDY, GSEE and POE-OTA (municipal employees union) started a protest in Klafthmonos Square and moved to Syntagma, outside Parliament. Protesters chanted "No more sacrifices" and waved banners with slogans such as "Fire the troika".

The main slogan during the demonstrations,  “We are people not numbers,” reflected the Greek people’s  reaction to the austerity measures that have left over 1.3 million out of work, cut salaries by an average 25% and plunged more than a third of the population into poverty.

Trains stopped running and tax offices and municipal services remained shut. Garbage collectors, bus drivers, bank employees and journalists were among other groups joining the walkout.

City transport was also affected, with bus and trolley bus drivers holding work stoppages in the morning and in the evening.

Domestic flights were disrupted after civil aviation unions staged a four-hour work stoppage and Athens's main tourist attraction - the Acropolis - shut early.

Please find below a link to the media release in English and Greek.

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