• Join PSI's global campaign for the Human Right to Health - the campaign to influence the formulation and implementation of policies leading to Universal Public Health Coverage (UPHC). Now is the time to unite and fight for #PublicHealth4All.

  • The government of Algeria is escalating its war on the independent union of electricity and gas workers SNATEGS, which organizes workers at the state energy company SONELGAZ. ActNOW! Join the LabourStart campaign, send a message of protest!

  • PSI has launched a global visual campaign aimed at raising awareness about the work of municipal public service professionals. On occasion of the tripartite experts' meeting that took place in April, firefighters were added to the PSI poster series.

  • Join the campaign to convince governments to support an
    ILO Convention and Recommendation on
    “Ending violence and harassment in the world of work”.
    Violence is NOT part of the job! #EndGBV - #StopGBVatWork

  • SEIU takes part in the "Poor People's Campaign"

    Services Employees International Union (SEIU), a PSI affiliate in the US, is joining the "Poor People's Campaign" pushing for better wages and union rights for the working poor. Originally led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 50 years ago, this campaign is as important today as it was back then.

  • Pushing for social dialogue in Kenya

    PSI has contacted the Kenyan government regarding the trade union rights situation in the country and the creation of an inter-ministerial committee on education reform. We encourage affiliates to send protest letters to the government, asking them to deal with these two matters urgently.

  • PSI brings perspective of public service workers to social dialogue in "Global Deal" Flagship Report

    The Global Deal, an international partnership dedicated to a more equal form of globalisation, has launched it's flagship report for 2018, featuring the stories of three PSI initiatives.