Solidarity with South Korea

Korea has been under trade union repression for many years.

Following the 14 November 2015 demonstrations, dozens of trade union leaders were detained and hundreds were under investigation. In relation to these protests, KCTU President, Mr. Han, Sang-gyun, and KPTU Vice President Mr. Cho Sung-Duk, were sentenced to 5 and 2 years’ imprisonment, respectively, in 2016.

The imposition of a discriminatory performance-related pay and termination system, as part of government attempt to further liberalise and privatise public services, prompted new protests. An international delegation made up of 10 representatives from PSI, ITF, and their affiliates travelled to the country on 26 September 2016 with the goal of supporting the Korean public sector workers’ strike.

The trade union movement has been demanding from the Korean government:
  • To stop the unilateral enforcement of the performance-related pay and termination system
  • To guarantee workers’ rights to collective bargaining and collective action
  • To reinstate all workers suspended from their job positions
  • To release all imprisoned workers

President Park is gone for good – and trade unions played a major role in making it happen

15 March 2017

The impeachment of Park Geun-hye, now former President of South Korea, is not only the culmination of a political scandal involving corruption. It is also a victory built by the trade union movement which, relentless, denounced for years the abuses against workers committed by her regime.

KHMU resolves to struggle for better health care and the candlelight revolution in Korea, at annual Congress

02 March 2017

The Korean Health and Medical Union (KHMU) held its 2017 Annual Congress on February 22-23 at the International Conference Hall of the Seoul Women’s Plaza. The meeting was attended by delegates from the 180 branches of KHMU, representing 50,000 members.

Violation of workers’ rights in Korea - general strike of 30 November

30 November 2016

Workers in Korea are facing difficult times. The rampant violation of trade union rights by the government include reprisals, dismissals and even the incarceration of trade union leaders and members. PSI, its affiliates, and other global union federations have been working throughout the year on many solidarity actions and campaigns to support them.

International delegation visits Korea over union persecution

26 September 2016

Korean trade unionists are still struggling against ongoing regressive labour reforms in the country, including the Park Geun-hye government’s imposition of a discriminatory performance-related pay and termination system on public workers.