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Gaza crisis: Solidarity call for aid and humanitarian relief

August 22, 2014

Public Services International (PSI) is deeply concerned about the conflict in Gaza and deplores the resumption of fighting and the appalling death toll to civilians in the Gaza Strip. In the six weeks of fighting more than 2000 civilian Palestinians have died, a further 9563 wounded and around 400,000 people displaced following the bombing of their homes.

PSI has received a detailed report from its affiliates in Gaza listing the alarming number of deaths as well as serious damage to the local economy and infrastructures.

According to the Gaza public sector unions’[1] report, hospitals and ambulances have been targeted, killing dozens of rescuers and medical workers and endangering anyone providing relief and humanitarian aid to civilians. The report further lists considerable damage to mosques, police and security stations, schools and education facilities, wastewater stations, fishing boats, industrial and commercial facilities - where around 15 thousand people used to work- and many other workplaces and buildings. In particular, an attack to the main electricity plant has led to electricity cuts for many people in Gaza, paralysing communications and reducing water supply.

The people of Gaza need our support and solidarity! PSI affiliates have drafted a list of the most urgent priorities. These include not only basic needs such as shelters, food baskets, clothes and necessities for the homeless and displaced, psychological assistance and medical equipment for the traumatised and wounded but also the need for vocational training of workers necessary to the reconstruction, such as electricians, plumbers and painters.

PSI will be donating €20,000 from the PSI Aid Fund for the relief and reconstruction of the Gaza communities. PSI calls on all affiliates to also contribute and help our sisters and brothers in Gaza to respond to the most urgent needs and rebuild their community facilities and infrastructures.

PSI will be working closely with its affiliates and and subregional office in Lebanon to ensure that contributions made to the PSI Aid Fund are directed to where they are most needed. Details on how to contribute are available on our website, please remember to add “PSI Aid Fund –Gaza 2014” to your bank transfer.

[1] General Trade Union for Trade and Public Services Workers, General Trade Union for Health Services Workers, and General Trade Union for Municipality Workers


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