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Public Services International (PSI) brings together more than 20 million workers, represented by 650 unions in more than 150 countries and territories. Africa & Arab countries, Asia and the Pacific, Inter-America and Europe form the four regions in the PSI structure.

Africa & Arab countries

10 November 2011

Africa and Arab countries form one of the four regions in the PSI structure. Our 153 affiliated organisations in some 43 countries represent a membership of around 1.5 million people here. The regional secretariat is based in Lomé, Togo. Contact our regional offices.

Asia Pacific

10 November 2011

PSI's Asia and Pacific region covers 122 unions in 22 countries and related territories with a membership of two million workers. The regional office is based in Singapore. Contact the regional offices.

APRECON 2016 and related activities

17 February 2016

PSI's 13th Regional Conference for the Asia Pacific Region (APRECON) and related meetings will be held from 9 to 12 October 2016 at the ACROS Fukuoka conference venue in Japan.


10 November 2011

In North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, 140 labor organizations in 35 countries are affiliated to PSI, with a total membership of about 3.3 million workers. The regional office is currently based in São Paulo, Brazil. Contact the regional offices.


10 November 2011

PSI is represented in Europe by the European Federation of Public Service Unions, based in Brussels. For more on our activities in this region, please see the EPSU website

You can also view a list of European affiliates or contact European regional offices