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Everyday Oscars - #EndGBVatWork

12 March, 2018
Ending violence against women is a top-priority for PSI. PSI fully supports the ITUC campaignfor this new international labour standard and invites all affiliated unions to join the campaign. Your mobilising, organising and lobbying is critical to build and ensure governments’ support for an ILO Convention and a Recommendation at the ILO Conference in June 2018.

An ILO Convention and Recommendation would send a strong message that violence is NOT part of the job. It would help to give workers a voice to stand up against gender-based violence, and negotiate collective agreements that address GBV.

Trade union leaders, specifically male participants, at PSI's Congress in November, pledged to end violence against women including actively supporting campaigns against gender violence and to bring about gender equality in the home, workplace, community, economy and all institutions including the union.

It is not too late to sign the pledge!



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