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Emergency Resolution on Mali

30 November, 2012

The 29th World Congress of Public Services International (PSI),
meeting in Durban, South Africa, on 27-30 November 2012


The invasion of the north of Mali, a united and undividable country, by groups practising injustice who have seized power in the current century, where only democracy and respect of human rights have shown their value in the process of sustainable development of the people;


By the exactions perpetrated on unarmed populations of the towns of the north of Mali to intimidate them from rebelling against the aggression of which they victim;

Having witnessed with bitterness that this violence has been concentrated on the most vulnerable part of the population who are the women and children, as for example the case of the woman stoned for living with her partner without being married;


By the unilateral proclamation of the territory’s independence which has been divided without the consent of the indigenous peoples and with the national defence forces being completely powerless;


That the exactions and the whole situation in the north of Mali is an unashamed violation of human rights and flouts all the fundamental rules and rights of the ILO and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a situation which is intolerable for the actors of justice and solidarity which we represent;


The international community and the African Union in all their decisions aiming to bring back peace and unity to Mali;


All the PSI affiliates in Mali to join with all actions put into place by their government and the international community in order to liberate the north of the country;


To all dissident groups in this part of the country to lay down their arms and come back to the negotiating table, on the basis of democracy and respect of human rights;


1) To put PSI at the disposal of all Malian affiliates requesting mediation in view of bringing peace back to the north of Mali;

2) To ensure that PSI supports affiliates in making democracy in Mali a priority leading to development of the people and the well-being of workers in this country.


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