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Algerian unionists strike and rally for better working conditions

15 November 2016
After a three-day strike on 25-27 October, PSI affiliate in Algeria, SNAPAP, organised a protest rally in Tizi-Ouzou on 31 October 2016.

Several hundred marchers chanted and held up banners with slogans against the 2017 finance law and the plans for early retirement of public workers.

The union’s claims include decent wages, a satisfactory pension agreement, cancelling of article 87 bis of the law no. 90/11, changes in the labour code and the integration of temporary workers into full-time positions.

SNAPAP President, Rachid Maloui, said, “The pay rises received in 2008 had no effect of people’s lives because of inflation. The only way we can change the people in power is to take to the streets.”

General Secretary Nassira Ghozlane added, “We are here to show our solidarity with the local municipality workers whose claims are legitimate.”

SNAPAP continues its actions and support for public sector workers in the region of Tizi Ouzou and the rest of the country.

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