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Tax the rich and fund healthcare

15 March 2017
There is consensus that health for all is critical for sustainable development. Lack of resources is often presented as the major challenge to achieving this. But the problem is not one of inadequate resources, it is a lack of political will to change the situation.

Oxfam recently showed that just eight men own the same wealth as half the world, that is 3.6 billion people.

The report confirmed that “across the world, people are being left behind,” despite the Sustainable Development Goals. Millions of people cannot live healthy lives because they are deprived of basic needs like water, food and shelter.

Multinational corporations report huge profits, while some of them pay as little as 0.005% tax on these. The Panama Papers further revealed just how murky the waters of fiscal injustice are. US$3 trillion disappears annually into the black hole of tax havens. These funds could go a long way in lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, providing them better lives with improved health.

PSI stands firmly for tax justice to block these leakages of revenue for development. PSI affiliates in different parts of the world will participate actively on 1-7 April in the global week of action to #EndTaxHavens! ending on World Health Day. We also seize the opportunity to demand decisive political action in mobilising resources for public health care, by putting people over profit. Corporations and the obscenely rich must pay their fair share.

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