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Solidarity message to UK affiliates

24 November 2011
The Executive Board of Public Services International (PSI), meeting in Geneva on 23-25 November, extends its unequivocal support to PSI affiliates in the UK as they take action on 30 November in defence of fair pensions for all.

The PSI Executive Board joins unions in the UK in calling for the government to rethink its planned changes to UK public sector pension schemes, which will see public service workers paying more and working longer in order to receive a smaller pension when they retire.

The PSI Executive Board recognises that the vast majority of workers affected by the unfairness of the proposed changes will be women, who already experience a significant pension gap.

The debate over public sector pensions has been couched in myths and disinformation. The PSI Executive Board urges the UK government to turn away from this race to the bottom and from attempts to pit private sector workers against public sector workers. We urge the UK government to listen to the sound alternative proposals being put forward by the trade unions and to act as a responsible government by taking the necessary measures to ensure that all of the UK’s workers can retire in dignity, rather than poverty.

The PSI Executive stands in solidarity with all the UK trade unions taking part in the day of action on 30 November. Your struggle is our struggle and we wish you success in your fight for pensions justice.

PSI asks its affiliates to send letters of solidarity to UK affiliates. Please download the attachments below for full details.

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