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The Reliable Performance of Public Water Services

1 January, 2015
PSI, TNI, Amrta Institute for water literacy, SP-PDAM Jakarta
The Reliable Performance of Public Water Services
This leaflet on water privatization in Jakarta is the forth in a series of four leaflets published by Public Services International, Transnational Institute, Amrta Institute for Water Literacy and Jakarta Water Trade Union.

The main purpose of privatization of water services in Jakarta, as stated in the title of the cooperation agreement with the private operators, was to improve water services. Private operators were given the exclusive right to deliver water services based on the expectations that they had the expertise, funds, and other resources to significantly improve water services. However, after more than 15 years of privatization, Jakarta’s water services are still far from satisfactory.

The four leaflets can be accessed here:

  1. It is Time to End Water Privatisation
  2. The Impact of Water Privatisation in Jakarta
  3. The Unfair Cooperation Agreement on Water Privatisation
  4. The Reliable Performance of Public Water Services


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