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PSI sexual harassment policy

26 February, 2016
Let’s make this meeting a safe environment! No to sexual harassment!
  • The PSI wants our meeting to be a safe environment for both men and women.
  • With the growing awareness of difficulties arising from sexual harassment the PSI wishes to state its clear opposition to behaviour which may be interpreted as offensive.

What is sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment is any unwanted verbal, physical or gestural sexual advances, explicit derogatory statements, or sexually discriminatory remarks made by someone which are offensive to the worker involved, which cause the worker to feel threatened, humiliated, patronized, harassed, or which interfere with the worker’s job performance, undermine job security or create a threatening or intimidating work environment.
Sexual harassment encompasses a wide range of unwanted sexual advances including:
  • unnecessary physical contact, touching or patting
  • suggestive and unwelcome remarks, jokes, comments about appearance and deliberate verbal abuse
  • leering and compromising invitations
  • use of pornographic pictures at the workplace
  • demands for sexual favours
  • physical assault
Source: International Labour Office

  • As trade unionists we do not expect any problems of this nature to arise
  • However, please contact any PSI officer should you require advice or support during this meeting.
  • Any PSI staff member or member of a PSI affiliate who carries out a mission or attends an event representing PSI must show respect for the host country, its inhabitants and culture, and give a good image of PSI, in conformity with the principles of the organization. This means in particular that he/she must not purchase or accept sexual services, whether during or outside working hours.
  • In addition, all PSI staff members and representatives must ensure that human and commercial relations established during activities carried out on behalf of PSI meet the highest standards as regards to respect for human rights, the environment and solidarity.


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