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PSI launches the Hans Engelberts' Fund

11 April 2016
Photo: Hans Engelberts
PSI is proud to officially launch the PSI Hans Engelberts’ Fund, to honour the memory of the former PSI General Secretary, an exceptional international trade unionist who led this organisation for more than 26 years.

The purpose of this fund is to support various specific initiatives, in addition to the normal activities funded by the PSI core budget, as outlined below:

  • Support young trade union leaders in their training and development
  • Support trade union rights campaigns and initiatives
  • Support organising initiatives of PSI affiliates
  • Support local, regional or global campaigns for quality public services (in particular against privatisation)
  • Support publications, research and other initiatives in line with PSI priorities.

The fund will be managed by a management committee made up of two Vice-Presidents (with a two-year mandate 2016-2017), a young workers’ representative, the third PSI Trustee Mr Jorge Serra, and Rosa Pavanelli as the PSI General Secretary.

PSI welcomes any donations from PSI affiliates, external institutions and individuals. Regulations and bank details can be found on our website.

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