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PSI condemns violent attacks in Paris

14 November 2015
Paris, 13 November 2015
Public Services International expresses our deepest sympathy with the victims killed and wounded in the attacks in Paris last night and their families. We stand in solidarity with the French people, its trade unions, and with all the workers of the emergency, health and security services who are on the frontline of these bloody attacks.

On Friday 13 November 2015, simultaneous attacks were carried out at six sites around the French capital, killing 129 people and wounding at least 300 others in the city’s deadliest attack since World War II. A horrifying scene took place at the Bataclan concert hall in the centre of Paris, where authorities said four attackers sprayed bullets into a crowd watching a performance.  Explosions occurred in the vicinity of the Stade de France, where a football match took place between France and Germany, attended by 80 000 football fans and French President Hollande. In a number of other locations in the French capital, shootings were also reported.

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary says:

“We stand in solidarity with the French population on this morning of great sorrow and express our revolt at this senseless and extreme use of violence against innocent people. These attacks are meant to inspire fear and hatred, pushing towards a spiral of ever more violence. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes, and those who support them, have to be identified and brought to justice, but we must also tackle the root causes of this terror. While the situation of emergency is declared, we plead for calmness and solidarity.”

As a trade union organisation, PSI reiterates its stand against all acts of violence towards fellow humans and deplores violent attacks perpetrated all over the world. On this national day of mourning in France, PSI calls for tolerance and peace. Peace is indispensable to achieving a just and inclusive society. We call on governments to pursue the diplomatic route and reach political decisions that will lead to a better future for all.

Solidarity message from UNISON, UK

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