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Municipal workers’ unions in Ecuador back on track to unity and a role in local development policies

05 December 2016
The International Meeting of Municipal Trade Unions, held in Quito on 22 October 2016 and sponsored by the PSI through its IMPACT project in Ecuador, provided an opportunity for municipal trade union representatives that participated in PSI’s international delegation to Habitat III to meet representatives of Ecuadorian municipal trade unions and professional organisations.

The event was attended by 134 people, including 81 men and 53 women, from 22 first tier and six second tier Ecuadorian organisations and trade union representatives from Jamaica, Nepal, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. It formulated joint positions on the key role of trade unions in local development and the need to avoid their exclusion, in accordance with the New Urban Agenda approved at Habitat III. Delegates agreed to continue multiple campaigning strategies with allied trade unions and social movements to maintain public ownership of municipal services and denounce the failures of privatisation.

The meeting endorsed the important and tenacious work being done by Ecuadorian trade unions and professional associations to revitalise their organisations and take an active role in developing local policies after setbacks caused by political and labour reforms during the last ten years as well as the earthquake that devastated the country’s coast in April 2016.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to present the Confederation of PSI Municipal Workers in the Americas (CONTRAM-PSI) in Ecuador. This is a new model of organisation – a regional federation of public service trade unions affiliated to PSI – that includes local and national organisations. The meeting discussed CONTRAM’s position on the current political context, the state and public services in the Americas and the strategic advantage of having a PSI Global Network of Local Government Workers.  

Finally, Ecuadorian organisations, with the support of the PSI, agreed to resume work to promote the unity of municipal workers and to present a proposal to initiate social dialogue to the Association of Ecuadorian Municipalities (AME).

Declaration of the International Meeting of Municipal Trade Unions 22 October 2016 (in Spanish)

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