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Water and sanitation

Clean water and sanitation – recently recognised by the United Nations as basic human rights – are critical to good health. They help prevent disease. Yet billions of people have no ready access to safe water. It is an essential service that governments must provide to protect their citizens and serve their common good. Read more here

European Groups applaud Bern for becoming first Blue Community in Europe

18 September 2013
Three people holding Blue Planet Project cerificates

Social justice, environmental, and labour organizations in Europe are applauding the city of Bern for taking a bold new step to protect water as a commons. Launched by the Blue Planet Project based in Canada, the Blue Communities certification requires municipal governments to pass legislation recognising water as a human right and pledging to promote and protect public water and sanitation services.

Investors requested to withdraw bids for Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company

26 July 2013
Water tap

A large group of Greek, European and international organisations, networks and others have requested the bidders for the Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company to withdraw their bids. They want the bidders to respect the wishes of the workers and local communities who do not want their company to be run by private operators.
All of the companies that are bidding have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies that claim to respect and work with the local communities. If the local communities do not want the companies, then these should not push ahead and prefer profits over local demands.

Push for 2 million signatures in Europe

23 July 2013
Water is a human right

With only seven weeks left to go, the European Citizens’ Initiative has collected over 1.7 Million signatures and has achieved success in twelve countries. Greece, Italy and Spain have joined the list of countries where they campaigned successfully.

Please sign on, we need your help to reach 2 million signatures by 9 September 2013.

Proposal to exclude public water services from concessions is a win for Europe’s citizens

01 July 2013
Water is a human right - Thank you for signing!

Public Services International joins with PSI’s European representative, the European Federation of Public Service Unions, in welcoming the decision of European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services to listen to the voices of people concerned about further commercialisation and commodification of public water services.

Letter to Thessaloniki water bidders

01 July 2013
water drop

Please support the letter to the investors and companies that wish to partake in the privatisation of the water company of Thessaloniki. We ask them to withdraw their bid as they are not wanted in Thessaloniki.

Inauguration of “Water Plaza” in the ZENSUIDO Hall

07 June 2013
Commemorative symposium on water safety

On 7 June 2013, a symposium on water safety was held in commemoration of the establishment of “Water Plaza” in the ZENSUIDO Hall. ZENSUIDO, All Japan Water Supply Workers' Union, was established in 1951 by workers of prefectural and municipal utility companies and their affiliates, dealing with water supply and sewage facilities.

Green jobs and privatization don't mix

23 May 2013

For the first time, the agenda of next International Labour Conference (Geneva, 5-20 June, 2013) includes a General Discussion on “Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs”.