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Water and sanitation

Clean water and sanitation – recently recognised by the United Nations as basic human rights – are critical to good health. They help prevent disease. Yet billions of people have no ready access to safe water. It is an essential service that governments must provide to protect their citizens and serve their common good. Read more here

The fightback against austerity... The stories continue

07 July 2014

PSI is deeply concerned about the continued attacks against public services and the austerity measures taken in Greece. We have heard that the Greek government plans to lay off some 6.500 public sector workers by the end of the year, in line with the Troika’s demands.

Resist privatisation of water in Thessaloniki

19 May 2014
No to water privatisation

On 18 May 2014, the citizens of Thessaloniki held a self-organised referendum on the privatisation of their water company. The proposal was massively rejected, over 98% of votes were cast against the privatisation of water and sanitation in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. PSI is asking Greek citizens living in other countries to send a message to their embassies or consulates urging the Greek national government to respect the outcome of this non-binding referendum.

Montpellier adopts a public water governance

14 May 2014

Water is a public good! It is essential for life. With these words the mayor of Montpellier, Mr. M. Saurel, announced that the Montpellier municipality would take back control over its water supply.

Peru: Public service unions and communities mobilise to resist water privatisation

25 March 2014

In late March 2014, Rosa Pavanelli, the leader of Public Services International (PSI) joined members of Peruvian affiliate FENTAP on the frontline of their fight to keep public water services.

Human Right to Water must be backed by strong government policies

22 March 2014

As the United Nations celebrates World Water Day on 22 March, we must be aware of and continue to challenge the fundamental tensions polarising people and planet. Social inequality is growing, climate change is accelerating, and governments are not taking leadership for democratic change. Many governments continue to ignore the most basic rights of people, including the Human Right to Water and Sanitation.

Audio: RadioLabour interview - Stopping the privatization of water supply

21 March 2014

David Boys - Deputy General SecretaryGiant multinationals are trying to privatize publicly-owned water supply systems. The latest attempt is in Peru. A RadioLabour interview with David Boys, the Deputy General-Secretary of Public Services International, the PSI.
Duration: 8'59"

Peru water privatisation - stop robbing workers and citizens of their rights

16 March 2014

The global union federation Public Services International and our affiliate unions in Peru call on supporters around the world to send a strong message to the Peruvian government: ‘Don’t sell off Peru’s public water and sanitation services for private profit!’