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Investing workers' retirement funds for progressive and socially responsible purposes

08 January 2014
Pension forum participants
Public Services International (PSI) Asia Pacific region and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Regional Cooperation office (Singapore), jointly held a Forum on Pension and Social Security for the affiliate unions on 14-15 December 2013 in Singapore.
This forum was timely and important for workers and public sectors unions to be part of the development and be involved in the pension fund governance that they can play a major role in ensuring that workers' retirement funds are invested for progressive and socially responsible purposes.

Through this forum, the participants discussed: (1) the diversities of public pension funds and a deeper understanding about pension and social security at the global context; (2) to provide regional perspective and what mechanism or interventions that can be employed and useful for workers actions, and; (3) to come up recommendations and action point on how PSI at the global level can articulate the local concerns and hoe the unions at national level can play a bigger role with regard to pension funds and social security.

One of the important outcomes of the meeting was the development of mobilizing workers and strengthening political muscle in order to be part of the policy-making process.  The forum paved the way for the recommendation to create a regional network which shall be tasked to gather relevant information, engage with multilateral institutions, coordinate with global, regional and national trade unions & interest groups and develop recommendations on how to protect workers interests and benefits to lessen the burden on the pension fund benefits of next generation of workers.  Participating countries included Australia, India, Indonesia, Fiji, France, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and United Kingdom.

For more information:

Download the presentations to the meeting:

Session 1: Paper presentation on pension UK experience

Session 2: Strengthening pension safety nets

 Session 3: Ensuring ethical investment and addressing IFI's influences:

Session 4: Trade union interventions and influence

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