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Greece: Unions on general strike September 26

26 September 2012
Strikers in Greece
Greek unions call general strike to save the country, starting with its people.

Greek unions have called a nationwide 24-hour strike on 26 September to protest the proposed new anti-labour, anti-social austerity package that will again severely hit the working people and the pensioners of Greece, and refuel the recession/austerity vicious circle that over the last two-and-a-half years has methodically pushed the country over the edge.

The day-long strike aims to put pressure on the Greek coalition government to change course, and avoid plunging the Greek economy further into recession. Among measures planned are a six-day working week with no increase in pay, further cuts to the already reduced minimum wage, a rise in the pension age to 67 and further attacks on workers' rights.

Read the letter of solidarity that the Trade Union Congress (TUC) sent to the Greek trade union confederations GSEE and ADEDY.


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