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Gender pay gap in public services : an initial report

19 May, 2013
Drawing on figures from both Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, and national statistics offices, it examines the position in 38 separate states. Starting with the gender pay gap in the economy as a whole the report, commissioned by EPSU from the Labour Research Department, looks at how it varies between countries; how it has moved over the last five years; and some of the factors that explain the variations.

 It examines the overall gender pay gap for the public sector and then looks in turn at each of the main industries of key concern to EPSU:

  • electricity and gas;
  • water and sewerage;
  • education;
  • health and social work; and
  • public administration, defense and social security,

 The gender gap in each of these industries is compared with the gender pay gap overall. Finally the report examines two other issues: the lack of data in some areas, in particular, public administration and the reason for it; and the extent to which the current public sector cuts, in both jobs and pay, are leading to a widening of the gender pay gap.


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