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Corporations must pay their fair share

06 December 2013
: Sergio Hemsani, Danny Bertossa, Nadja, Professor Sol Picciotto, J Bahn
PSI wants multinational corporations who earn large profits but avoid paying their fair share of tax to contribute to public revenue. Many of these companies use tax havens and complicated corporate structures to hide their profits. The rules that govern how multinational companies pay tax are set by national governments and guided by OECD standards. In the wake of the global financial crisis, the G20 last year asked the OECD to look at ways to change its rules so that companies paid their fair share of tax.

PSI has been working with civil society to lobby the OECD to make sure these rules are as fair as possible. On Friday 29 November PSI sent a delegation (pictured here) to Paris to meet with other trade unionists and academics from around the world to discuss how to fight for fairer taxes and to meet with OECD officials to lobby them. PSI has also been working with Professor Picciotto from Lancaster University Law School to lobby the OECD.

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