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Caribbean young workers solidarity visit to Haïti

16 October, 2014 to 20 October, 2014
09.00 - 17.00
Port-au-Prince, Haïti
Event type: 
A delegation of young workers from PSI’s affiliates in the Caribbean will pay a solidarity visit to young workers of the CTSP Haïti during the period October 16 to 20.

The solidarity visit is part of efforts to build greater understanding and cooperation, as well as develop long-lasting working relationships. This important act of solidarity by Caribbean young workers will provide an opportunity for these workers to act as a “multiplier” by returning and reporting back to others, about the situation on the ground – providing facts and dispelling myths. In addition, the visit is intended to provide practical opportunities for young worker activists who work in key (sub)sectors:

  1. to better understand the trade union movement in Haïti
  2. to share their own experiences and exchange knowledge and skills
  3. to suggest ways to integrate outreach to youth and student movements as part of PSI’s broader campaigning
  4. to integrate the perspective of young workers into PSI’s sectoral work

The visit will include workshop sessions and visits to selected workplaces.

 Theme: “Strong-minded youth for a better future”

Sub-theme: “Responsibility and commitment of young workers: essential elements for trade union renewal”

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