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Ahead of PSI TiSA workshop, new leaks confirm fears

16 September 2016
The release of a raft of new TiSA documents reinforces PSI's long held concerns about the threat the agreement holds for public services.

Speaking with major Italian news outlet Espresso, PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli highlighted the importance of upcoming protests across Europe.

"There remain significant concerns about the inclusion of public services in the TiSA agreement," Pavanelli said

Although advocates of the deal claim that public services will be exempted, the TiSA exemption of a 'public service' does not include 'commercialized' services such as water (covered by rates) or public transport (covered by ticket charges) which would mean that large sectors of the economy could be opened up for multinational corporations.

On the 18th-20th of September, PSI is organizing a second Technical Workshop on TiSA to equip activists and affiliates with the skills to unpack these documents, analyse the threats and build the growing movement against the deal. The workshop is held in parallel to the ongoing negotiations in Geneva and participants will also be attending lobby meetings with the negotiators to make our concerns clear.

PSI continues to analyse the documents and will provide additional insight and information in the coming days.



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