PSI at the International Labour Conference (ILC)

The 107th Session of the International Labour Conference will be held at the Palais des Nations and the ILO headquarters, in Geneva, from 28 May to 8 June 2018. PSI will be working in close cooperation with its affiliates and the Workers’ Group at the ILC to make the voices of public sector workers heard!

‘Route of Shame’ events around the world

09 June 2014
Route of Shame in Seoul - Korean Health and Medical Workers' Union

On 4 June 2014 the ‘Route of Shame’ bicycle ride and parallel events took place in Geneva and around the world to protest against countries that violate trade union and labour rights.

PSI leader's presentation at the ILC

06 June 2014
PSI leader's presentation at the ILC

Public Services International

ILC 2014 – Statement by GS Rosa Pavanelli

Route of Shame 2014

04 June 2014
Rosa Pavanelli and ILC delegates - Route of Shame 2013

PSI will be organising its second “Route of Shame” this year - a bicycle ride calling for the respect of trade union rights in Geneva and other cities around the world.

International Labour Conference 2014

28 May 2014

The Conference will be held in Geneva (Switzerland), at the Palais des Nations and ILO headquarters. Please note that Tuesday 27th May will be devoted to preparatory meetings requiring the attendance of the tripartite members of national delegations to the Conference.

Press release: Ride for workers’ rights and social justice follows ‘Route of Shame 2014’

22 May 2014
Rosa Pavanelli during Route of Shame 2013

Led by members of the global union federation Public Services International (PSI), trade union leaders from around the world will join in a ‘Route of Shame’ bicycle ride Wednesday 4 June and visit missions and embassies in Geneva, Switzerland to draw attention to countries which consistently violate workers’ rights. In other cities around the world, PSI affiliates are organizing similar actions.

Campaign materials: Route of Shame 2014

22 May 2014
Route of Shame

Campaign materials for the 'Route of Shame 2014' bicycle ride.

Special report: PSI at the International Labour Conference, June 2013

26 June 2013

Every year, the International Labour Conference (ILC) takes places in Geneva. It brings together more than 5000 delegates and is often called an international parliament of labour. The Conference establishes and adopts international labour standards and is a forum for discussion of key social and labour questions. The ILC took place 5-20 June 2013.