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Video interviews: SOLSICO activists in healthcare

23 November, 2016

SOLSICO Interviews one file

At its May 2016 meeting, PSI’s World Women’s Committee (WOC) agreed that a high priority area of work is workplace violence in the health sector. The WOC also agreed that the experiences of affiliates in raising awareness and developing campaigns and actions to eliminate workplace violence will contribute to the discussions and preparation for developing an ILO standard (convention and recommendations) on violence against women and men at work. This video of interviews is part of the case study on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Solidarité Syndicale des Infirmiers du Congo (SOLSICO): The DRC is a conflict zone. In the midst of the conflict, the union has grown and now has over 17,000 members, in 12 of the country’s 26 provinces. 60% of the members are women and of these, 20% are young women. Since 2011, nurses and other healthcare workers have face increased violence as a result of the military conflict and because of suspicion and traditional views: rape, molestation as well as attacks and murder during vaccination campaigns.  SOLSICO reports that between 2011 and the present, over 700 nurses were raped and 188 killed. Poor working conditions in hospitals result in illnesses and death due to infections, including Ebola.

Listen to the interviews of these activists in healthcare. Original in French, subtitled in English by Théodore MWAVI.

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