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Urge the Turkish President to let doctors treat their patients

January 14, 2014
Physicians for Human Rights logo
The Turkish president is considering signing a health bill that will criminalize emergency medical care and punish doctors with heavy fines and imprisonment for simply doing their jobs.

Physicians for Human Rights is calling on citizens around the world to write to the Turkish President in order to stop the health bill from becoming law.

All health care workers have an ethical duty to treat patients in need. The Turkish health bill will lead to the arrest and punishment of emergency health care responders for caring for their patients. The Turkish government must support and protect health care workers in abiding by their moral, ethical, and professional responsibilities to provide care for the sick and injured – not punish them for doing so.
This is not the first assault on medical personnel in Turkey. In May 2013, Turkish security forces attacked independent medical personnel who courageously provided care to injured protestors. The Ministry of Health failed to provide adequate medical care to those injured during demonstrations, further demonstrating that doctors must be allowed to do their jobs and treat those in need during emergency situations. The care provided by medical personnel in response to the government’s excessive use of force was essential in treating wounded protestors.
Call on the Turkish president to refuse to sign the health bill into law as it will compromise the health of Turkish citizens and arbitrarily punish doctors for carrying out their professional responsibilities.

Click here to send a message to the Turkish President

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  • Prevention of individual or small scale acts of violence from becoming mass atrocities
  • Protection of internationally-guaranteed rights of individuals and civilian populations
  • Prosecution of those who violate human rights

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