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Act now to unban the trade union movement in Swaziland

July 12, 2013
Public Services International calls on its affiliates to support the campaign of the Trade Union Congress in Swaziland (TUCOSWA), the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), and Africa Contact to unban TUCOSWA.

TUCOSWA is the new trade union federation in the small absolute monarchy, Swaziland. The organisation has 50,000 members. The Swazi government has chosen not to recognise TUCOSWA, effectively making it illegal, in violation of the rules of the International Labour Organization (ILO) that Swaziland has ratified. This means that the trade union movement in Swaziland, and therefore the workers in Swaziland, no longer have a voice and no longer have the means to demand their rights.

All activities arranged by TUCOSWA are brutally suppressed. There are many examples of TUCOSWA members being arrested or beaten up for wearing t-shirts with TUCOSWA logos or carrying TUCOSWA banners or of TUCOSWA meetings being disrupted.

Click on the Act Now button to sign the petition and demand the unbanning of TUCOSWA.

Listen to Radio Labour's interview with Mduduzi Gina, the 1st Deputy Secretarty-General of TUCOSWA

Click to sign the petition

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