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Mexico: Days of action for trade union rights

February 15, 2013
Poster for days of action in Mexico
In association with other Global Union Federations, PSI is mobilising internationally for trade union rights in Mexico during the week 18-24 February 2013.

The week of February 18 marks the anniversary of the terrible Pasta de Conchos mine disaster in 2006 that killed 65 miners. Democratic trade unions and the workers they represent in Mexico continue to struggle for their rights.

Global Union Federations have signed a joint letter of protest addressed to the newly-elected Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, urging him to agree to reform Mexico’s deeply flawed labour laws.

We request PSI affiliates to send protest letters to the Mexican government (President: enrique.penanieto@presidencia.gob.mx Labour Ministry: alfonso.navarrete@stps.gob.mx) and to the Embassy of Mexico in your country.  Please find a model letter attached.

We also call upon affiliates to join demonstrations in front of Mexican Embassies on 22nd February to protest against systematic attacks on trade union rights in Mexico. PSI and other Geneva-based Global Union Federations will be demonstrating in front of the Mexican Embassy in Geneva on 19th February.

Please inform us of the actions your union carries out during this week of mobilisation in solidarity with our Mexican sisters and brothers, and send a copy of your union’s protest letter to rights@world-psi.org.

Thank you for your solidarity.

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