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Thousands demand action to end HIV/AIDS

27 July 2012
Thousands took to the streets on 24 July in Washington, DC to demand government action to end HIV/AIDS. A huge contingent of AIDS community activists, nurses and other workers marched in Robin Hood hats to call attention to the need for a new tax on sales of bonds, derivatives, currencies and other financial products.

“We can end AIDS.  And a Robin Hood Tax is key to getting there,” said Jennifer Flynn, managing director of Health GAP.  “It is also the way to provide jobs, fight climate change and address a host of problems both here in the US and abroad.”

Jean Ross, a Registered Nurse and co-president of National Nurses United, addressed the crowd when the demonstration reached the White House.  “Our patients are without health care and they are hurting, especially people with HIV/AIDS.  With a small tax on Wall Street we can heal America.”

The march coincided with the 19th International AIDS Conference that is taking place in Washington bringing together more than 20,000 delegates from all over the world to learn about the latest research, and to share strategies for addressing the complex issues related to the prevention and treatment of HIV-AIDS.

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