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Speech by Rosa Pavanelli on collective bargaining in the public sector, Brasilia, 7-8 August 2013

8 August, 2013
In Brasilia on 7-8 August, PSI and ILO organized a regional Governments – Trade union meeting on Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector, with representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay, as well as PSI affiliates from El Salvador and Mexico.

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary, made an opening statement that reflects on the discussions at the International Labour Conference in June and the challenges public sector workers are faced with.

"I regret to say that anti-union tactics are now a reality that have spread from the private sector to the public sector, to impose a single model that reduces the rights of workers. As noted before the Committee on the Application of Standards in relation to Guatemala, Honduras, Turkey, Korea, Greece, Spain and others, there are many cases of discrimination and violence against trade union members and leaders. In this same Committee we heard the statement of the GRULAC countries. For us, its message is inconsistent with the stated objectives of social inclusion and poverty reduction by most Latin American governments. This is where public sector workers have a key role to play. ... We believe that, after the International Labour Conference, it is a very positive sign that we are gathered here now - ILO representatives of PSI affiliates and Latin American governments - to build a new dialogue on collective bargaining in the public sector and work towards concrete results. "

Best practices from Columbia, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina were presented and discussed. The conclusions of the meeting calls on all countries in the region to adopt and/or implement ILO Conventions 151 and 154.
It also calls for the creation of a permanent regional bi-partite forum that aims to support and promote collective bargaining in the public sector.
Several countries have requested technical support from the ILO and PSI on collective bargaining in the public sector, such as Panama, Peru and Paraguay.

This speech is in Spanish only.


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