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Nurses' Forum

If you want to know about hospital quality, ask a nurse

18 March 2014
group of nurses

Recent research from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing shows that nurses' assessment of hospital quality is invariably accurate.

Reclaiming public health care services in the Philippines

17 February 2014

In the presence of PSI officials and civil society representatives, Leah S. Paquiz of the Ang Nars association spoke at the Philippines House of Representatives on 11 February 2014, seeking an inquiry into government health policy.

Fatigued nurses more likely to regret their clinical decisions, study shows

22 January 2014

Fatigued nurses are more likely to express concern that they made a wrong decision about a patient's care, according to a study in the January issue of American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC).

Mercury victims win Supreme Court case against Norwegian state

10 January 2014
Dental Nurses. Photo by Royal Navy Archives

A former dental nurse in Norway, Bertha Regine Serigstad has won her case against the Norwegian state in the Supreme Court. Many legal experts are already saying that the ruling sets an important precedent and may turn out to be as important for these women as the asbestos ruling was for a number of men some years ago.