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Reclaiming public health care services in the Philippines

17 February 2014
In the presence of PSI officials and civil society representatives, Leah S. Paquiz of the Ang Nars association spoke at the Philippines House of Representatives on 11 February 2014, seeking an inquiry into government health policy.

"Health is not for sale,” says Paquiz, “Health care should focus on providing the best service to people, not on making money. The right to a public health service is guaranteed by the Philippines Constitution, so the government is responsible and accountable for its promotion and protection. The government should never treat the delivery of health care services as a business.”
“Public-private partnerships, outsourcing and contracting out of services such as facilities management, hospital management and clinical services are part of the process of privatisation and marketisation,” adds Paquiz. “Privatisation adversely impacts health workers because it can lead to cuts in the labour force, reduced salaries and poor working conditions.”

Ang Nars issued a press release highlighting these issues.
Ang Nars is a non-profit association for nursing professionals who act as nurse advocates defending nurses’ rights and socio-political responsibility. Ang Nars is a member of PSLINK (Public Services Labor Independent Confederation), a PSI affiliate in the Philippines active in the campaign for quality health services.


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