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Case study: Workplace violence - Pakistan

14 April, 2018
PSI’s World Women’s Committee (WOC) agreed that a high priority area of work is workplace violence in the health sector. The experiences of affiliates in raising awareness and developing campaigns and actions to eliminate workplace violence will contribute to the discussions and preparation for developing an ILO standard (convention and recommendations) on violence against women and men at work. This case study is part of the 2018 updated report “Tackling Violence in the Health Sector”.

This updated report includes the original three country case studies with additional information collected through research in South Asia, focusing on work done with the All Sindh Lady Health Workers and Employees Union (ASLHW&EU) in Pakistan. The experiences of Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in the Sindh province of Pakistan, highlight the extreme levels of violence and harassment facing these Community Health Workers (CHWs) in that country.

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