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Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

Leaked EU TiSA demands reveal “do as we say, not as we do” doctrine

14 October 2016

Today’s release of the EU’s demands of developing countries in the TISA negotiations highlights the double standards within the EU, says Public Services International. While the European Commission tries to convince the European public that its approach to trade agreements safeguards European public services it simultaneously demands that developing countries public services are undermined.

PSI and allies warn WTO forum on TiSA threats

28 September 2016

PSI and other global union federations held a side event at the WTO forum today to explain the implications of the leaked TiSA text.

After TTIP deal upended, leaks call TiSA into question

19 September 2016

Greenpeace has joined trade unions and civil society in condemning the Trade in Services Agreement after new leaks released by Greenpeace Netherlands office showed the deal would restrict governments’ ability to implement climate change action.

Canadian Union Movement Calls on Government to Reject CETA, Expresses Solidarity With EU Protests

17 September 2016

As hundreds of thousands of protestors take to the streets to demand an end to TTIP, CETA and TiSA, the Canadian labour movement throws in their support.

Ahead of PSI TiSA workshop, new leaks confirm fears

16 September 2016

The release of a raft of new TiSA documents reinforces PSI's long held concerns about the threat the agreement holds for public services.


With TTIP talks floundering, unions and activists mobilize against CETA and TiSA

07 September 2016

The TTIP talks appear to have floundered, giving new hope to activists and unionists engaged in the fight against other regressive trade deals such as CETA and TiSA.
PSI calls on all our affiliates and members to support the upcoming protest actions in order to seal the fate of TTIP, CETA and TiSA for good.

PSI allies release new brief on TiSA threats

01 September 2016
Photo: Annette Dubois

On the very same day the French government asked the EU to withdraw from the TTIP negotiations, two PSI partners in the struggle against TiSA, Attac Norway and Global Justice Now, launched the campaign briefing “A blueprint for global privatisation – Why we need to stop the Trade in Services Agreement".

PSI welcomes French call to halt TTIP negotiations and asks ‘what about CETA’?

30 August 2016
Rosa Pavanelli

PSI General Secretary, Rosa Pavanelli, welcomed the decision of the French government to ask the EU to withdraw from the TTIP negotiations. The French position follows a recent statement by the German Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, affirming that “TTIP has failed – but no one is admitting it”.

STUNAM: TiSA forum (Mexico City)

25 August, 2016

Rosa Pavanelli speaks to over 3000 delegates at the ‪Teamsters 2016‬ conference

29 June 2016
Rosa Pavanelli

PSI's General Secretary was invited to speak on the need to fight bad trade agreements - like TPP, TTIP, TiSA and CETA - at the 29th Teamsters International Convention.