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PSI and allies warn WTO forum on TiSA threats

28 September 2016
PSI and other global union federations held a side event at the WTO forum today to explain the implications of the leaked TiSA text.

Daniel Bertossa, PSI Director of Policy, explained at the forum that the leaked TiSA text states it would cover national, regional and local government and that government claims that public services would be protected do not stand up to scrutiny of the leaked texts.

"TiSA does not protect the right to regulate and constitutes a significant shift of rights to foreign corporations and away from democratically elected governments," Bertossa said.

Dr Christina J. Colclough from Uni Global asked why our governments were proposing to deregulate the financial services sector when we were still recovering from the last financial crisis caused by excessive deregulation.

Adhemar S. Mineiro from CUT Brazil explained the effects that agreements like TiSA would have on development in countries in Latin America.

Some government negotiators attending the event attempted to assure participants that the supposed "Public Service Exemption" would protect public services from any negative effects. However expert analysis of the TiSA leaks by a range of trade academics shows that this supposed safe-guard does not go nearly far enough to ensure a true public service exemption.

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