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South Africa

SAMWU says no more Marikana’s

24 August 2012

PSI affiliate, SAMWU, says no more Marikana’s: "the killing of 37 workers, regardless of which Union they belong to, or their demands, or the way that they have conducted their dispute is still a shocking attack on the working class, and especially organised workers."

Solidarity with South African workers

24 August 2012

It was with the deepest shock and dismay that PSI learned, on 16 August, that 34 workers had been shot dead and 78 others injured by the police at the Lonmin Marikana platinum mine in South Africa. PSI has sent a letter to President Jacob Zuma expressing solidarity with all South Africans and comrades around the world who lament this tragic situation. PSI looks forward to justice and answers resulting from the official inquiry which President Zuma has committed to holding into this terrible event.

South Africa: Sam Molope reelected as president of SAMWU

10 August 2012
Men and women

President Sam Molope focused on the continuous struggle of the South African workers at SAMWU's 10th National Congress in Mangaung.

Migration Civil Society Days in Mauritius

06 June 2012
Wall and beach

The Civil Society Days of the annual Global Forum on Migration and Development will be held in Mauritius in November.

DENOSA celebrates International Nurses Day

14 May 2012
Nurse in South Africa holding a syringe

Nursing in South Africa has made remarkable strides as a profession since the dawn of democracy. “As a backbone of the healthcare system of South Africa, nurse professionals are compelled to play an active role and actively partake in the refurbishment of the country’s healthcare system”, says Nurse Manager and President of the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA), Dorothy Matebeni.

South Africa produces water of highest quality

11 May 2012
Children drinking water

A recent water quality report indicates that the water in many municipalities in South Africa is of very high quality. The workers who collect, store, purify and deliver the water supply should be appreciated, says SAMWU.

SAMWU: Preparing for a huge battle

07 February 2012
SAMWU logo

This press statement was published by the South African Municipal Workers' Union, a PSI affiliate, on 2 February 2012. We have decided to publish it in its entirety.


Quality Public Services launch in Durban, South Africa

14 December 2011


Public Services International at COP17

05 December 2011
COP17 logo

The city of Durban is hosting the annual UN Conference of the Parties negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Thousands of government delegates from all corners of the planet have turned up once again to see whether agreements can be reached.

World Women's Committee (Nov 2012)

25 November, 2012