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PSI supports the struggle of Quebec Students

01 June 2012
Students protes in Montreal, Canada

The executive board of PSI has expressed support for students in Quebec.

Canada-EU trade deal does not protect public health care

10 May 2012

The trade and investment deal being negotiated between Canada and the European Union puts public health care services at risk of privatization, according to analysis from the Canadian Labour Congress.

PSAC launches second video highlighting absurdity of cuts

15 December 2011

The giant squirrel strikes again! The Public Service Alliance of Canada has launched another video as part of its Third Choice campaign. In this one, a giant squirrel disrupts a meat inspector and secretly plants non-inspected meat in a young mother's grocery cart. It's designed to highlight the absurdity of forcing Canadians to choose between eliminating the deficit and having food properly inspected.


Giant squirrel + ground beef = sick!

15 December 2011


Third Choice

05 December 2011
Third Choice campaign logo

ThirdChoice.ca says forcing Canadians to choose between a strong economy and strong public services is absurd. Join the campaign.

Canada: pre-decision and information kit

31 Dec 2007

The B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) and the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) are working with their sisters and brothers affiliated with Public Services International (PSI) to strengthen labour’s response to migration and to promote quality public health services.


08 November 2011

Quality public services are the foundation of democratic societies and successful economies. They ensure that everyone has equal access to vital services, including as health care, education, electricity, clean water and sanitation. When these services are privatised, maximizing corporate profits replaces the public interest as the driving force. Privatisation is a dangerous trend that must be reversed.

Young workers

04 November 2011

Young people must have the opportunity for decent jobs. Research consistently shows that young men and women are often marginalised. They must overcome more barriers than adults to secure decent employment. Worldwide, young people are three and a half times more likely to be unemployed. Steps must be taken to ensure that young people have access to education, training, and economic opportunities.

Water and sanitation

04 November 2011

Clean water and sanitation – recently recognised by the United Nations as basic human rights – are critical to good health. They help prevent disease. Yet billions of people have no ready access to safe water. It is an essential service that governments must provide to protect their citizens and serve their common good.
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Trade union rights news

04 November 2011

All work has dignity, and all workers deserve to be treated with respect by their employers. Trade unions play a decisive role in improving working conditions, safety and wages – yet some governments and employers systematically abuse the right of workers to join existing unions or form new ones. PSI works actively to support the right of workers to free collective bargaining, and to help stop abuses when they occur.