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Global unions

Turkey: Bill on Collective Labour Relations Act far from meeting EU and international standards

18 October 2012

Despite major concerns expressed on various occasions, the bill on Collective Labour Relations’ Act currently debated at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is very far from meeting EU and International standards.

ITUC: Do not let troika dictate destructive austerity policies

15 October 2012
Sharan Burrow

The idea that you can create ‘growth through austerity’ is an illusion that has destroyed millions of people’s livelihoods. Do not to let troika dictate destructive austerity policies, says Sharan Burrow to IMF.

New handbook for green workplaces

11 Oct 2012

How do you take action to increase worker awareness on the environmental performance of their workplaces? A new and practical handbook gives you the answer.

Greece: Tensions rise as workers blocked from demonstrating

09 October 2012

On Angela Merkel’s visit to Greece, the unions tried to organise mass protests and a 3 hour work stoppage. Greek authorities banned the right to peaceful demonstrations against the austerity measures, and mobilised 7000 riot police.

Turkey: Repression of trade unionists continues

08 October 2012

Nine women trade union activists in court in Ankara; three returned to prison, six released pending trial. Özkan Yorgun is protesting outside the courtroom in Ankara where his wife's hearing is taking place.

PSI signs on letter with recommendations to new World Bank president

05 October 2012

Financial transaction tax is a source of innovative finance, writes PSI and 42 other organisations in a letter to the World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim.

Reaction to the World Bank’s report on jobs

03 October 2012
Outworn working gloves

"Jobs" is the theme of the World Bank Development Report 2013. But the Bank should draw the appropriate conclusions and modify its policies and practices accordingly, says International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

Fiji: ILO delegation expelled

24 September 2012
Fijian workers at bus stop

An ILO Mission was expelled from Fiji recently. A dangerous escalation of the regime’s contempt for worker rights, say unions demanding an explanation from the Fiji military regime.

"Equal Times" - the digital newspaper for the world's workers

19 September 2012
Two health admin staff looking at a paper and smiling

'Equal Times' - the digital newspaper for the world's workers – has been officially launched. Equal Times will have daily news from the world of work, a blogging community with opinion, investigate pieces and uniquely, an action platform for our members and supporters to engage in digital campaigns.

ILO: Weakening collective bargaining hurts recovery

14 September 2012

Some governments unilaterally reformed collective bargaining arrangements at the height of the economic crisis. Reversing those decisions and providing policy support for collective bargaining would be key to recovery, according to the ILO.