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Perú: National Strike on 22 and 23 April

24 Avril 2014
Unions on strike 22-23 April 2014
Update: Humala 's government has responded to the demands by closing down dialogue with the unions and suppressing mobilization. Faced with this attitude the unions have decided to maintain an indefinite strike, the starting date of action will be decided within the Single National Committee.

More information and photos on the strike (in Spanish):




PSI affiliates in Peru, led by the CGTP in coordination with CITE, CTE, UNASE, SUTEP, FENDUP and the Medical Federation, have been regularly requesting adjustments to the economic and state reforms being carried out by the government. Following the breakdown of social dialogue and the impossibility of reaching an agreement between the government authorities, trade unions and social organisations, a national strike was held on 22 and 23 April 2014.

PSI sent a protest letter to the Constitutional President of Peru urging him to consider the proposals submitted by trade unions and social organisations:

  1. To set up appropriate mechanisms to eradicate corruption;
  2. To amend the Civil Service Act 30057 in order to ensure decent work, fair wages and pensions, and respect for freedom of association;
  3. To amend the Sanitation Services Modernisation Act 30045, which promotes the privatisation of water;
  4. To suspend and amend the Legislative Decree 1153, which has a private orientation that goes against universal Health Social Security as the only guarantee to implement a unique health system providing free and quality care services for all Peruvians;
  5. To initiate a negotiation process for the National list of complaints from the State Unit;
  6. To consider the struggle and strike action run by the judicial workers and the Federation of Judicial Workers (Nacional de Trabajadores del Poder Judicial/FNTJP).

For more information (in Spanish only) see:

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