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Peru water privatisation - stop robbing workers and citizens of their rights

Mars 16, 2014
The global union federation Public Services International and our affiliate unions in Peru call on supporters around the world to send a strong message to the Peruvian government: ‘Don’t sell off Peru’s public water and sanitation services for private profit!’

When services are privatised, communities have to pay more to access their own resources, while worker and trade union rights are attacked. 

Luis Isarra, president of the Water Workers Union of Peru (FENTAP) is clear: ‘President Humala is going down the wrong road.  He is bowing to corporate and right wing pressure to turn this sector into another source of private profits.  FENTAP and our sister unions in CGTP and in alliance with many civil society groups have been mobilising thousands of workers and citizens across Peru.  We now ask PSI members from around the world to demonstrate pressure from outside.  We need the government to hear this international protest as well.’

Please send your message to Peru’s government leaders now. Don’t privatise these vital public services!  

Please join the LabourStart campaign calling on the Peruvian government not to privatise water

See PSI protest letter and model letter below.

Please copy all protest letters to StopPrivatisation@world-psi.org

Señor Ollanta Huma Tasso
Presidente de la República del Perú

Señor Rene Cornejo Diaz
Presidente del Consejo de Ministros

Señor Milton Von Hesse La Serna
Ministro de Vivienda Construcción y Saneamiento

Señora Hilda Sandoval Cornejo
Vice Ministra de Construcción y Saneamiento

Señor Jesús Roddy Vidalón Orellana
Jefe del Gabinete de Asesores

Señor Freddy Otarola Peñaranda
Presidente del Congreso de la República del Perú
Señor Leonardo Inga Vásquez
Presidente de la Comisión de Vivienda y Construcción
Del Congreso de la República del Perú


Click here to send a message to the Peruvian government

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