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PSIRU report: Corruption and public services

23 Noviembre, 2012
Corruption is much more than a moral issue. It undermines public services and democracy. When citizens have to pay bribes to get healthcare or fair policing, or contracts are awarded to those who pay bribes, it threatens society as a whole.

Corruption wastes public money by diverting it into the hands of corrupt politicians, businesses and their agents. It perverts public policy decisions, by buying decisions which suit the interests of the rich and powerful elite. It steals wealth from countries and places it in tax havens for the benefit of corrupt individuals.

This document's analysis of corruption finds different conclusions from the official international bodies. Instead of being concerned with creating a low cost ‘level playing field’ for international business, the focus should be on creating quality public services and preventing public policy from capture by commercial interests.

The global trade union federation Public Services International (PSI) commissioned this report from the Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) at Greenwich University.

A summary of the full document exists in English - Français - Español - Deutsch (PDF) - 日本語 (PDF) - Русский


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