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Working for Health in East Africa: Health and Social Sector Unions meeting and launch of the HEALTH FOR ALL IN EAST AFRICA Campaign (Kenya)

9 May, 2018 to 10 May, 2018
08.30 - 17.00
Nairobi, Kenya
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PSI affiliates in the health and social services sector will gather in Nairobi on 9-10 May 2018 to launch the Health for All in East Africa campaign. This will be the culmination of a 2-day workshop which will also mark the formation of the East African Health Sector Unions Network.

The sub-regional campaign is an integral part of the PSI Right to Health global campaign. The establishment of the sub-regional network is equally based on the PSI People Over Profit 2018-2022 Programme of Action resolution to strengthen both the collaborative organising power of affiliates and building our collective policy influence on institutions.

The emergent network will campaign for the East African Community (EAC) and its Partner States to prioritise the funding and development of public health for the attainment of Universal Health Care.

The main issues to be discussed by the health and social sector affiliates at the meeting are:

  • state of health sector unions vis-à-vis the state of the health sector; aimed at identifying and meeting organising needs;
  • PSI Programme of Action and Priorities for the Health & Social Sector;
  • financing health in East Africa: concerns of health workers and in defence of public healthcare;
  • anti-privatisation campaign in the health and social sector: introducing the PoP platform;
  • Working for Health and Decent Work:
  • Occupational safety and health of health workers;
  • Building the East African Network of Health Sector Unions;
  • The Health for All in East Africa Campaign


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