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Turkey: End police violence now!

June 20, 2013
Photo by Elif Altinbasak - Turkish flag + banner calling to stop police violence
PSI joins the ITUC and other global unions in supporting the international days of action on 21-22 June and calling on the Turkish government to immediately end police brutality, to respect these protests and trade union actions. PSI calls on all its affiliates to support the on-going protests in Istanbul’s Taksim square and throughout Turkey.

PSI and other Global Unions unreservedly support the international days of action on 21-22 June and urgently calls on the government of Turkey to address the following:

  • End violence and repression against peaceful protests and to address the demands made by the protestors;
  • Hold those responsible for the thousands of injured people and the deaths of Mehmet Ayvalıtaş, Abdullah Cömert, Ethem Sarısülük and Mustafa Sarı accountable, to dismiss them from their posts and to prosecute them before the law
  • Guarantee the right to freedom of assembly in all public areas, including Taksim square;
  • Ensure that trade unionists who exercise their right to freedom of assembly are not dismissed;
  • Immediately release citizens who have participated in the protests peacefully and to drop all charges against them;
  • Immediately release KESK trade unionists, detained journalists and all others unjustly held for legitimate acts of protests and opposition;
  • Remove all the legal and practical barriers against the exercise of trade union rights and the right to strike;
  • Ensure that injured protestors have access to adequate health care; and
  • Stop prohibitive measures against the use of social media

PSI supports the ITUC call for action and calls on all its affiliates to support the on-going protests in Istanbul’s Taksim square and throughout Turkey.

What you can do:

Background information

PSI has nine Turkish public service affiliates representing municipal, public administration, social, health and construction workers. We fully support our affiliates in their struggle for decent working conditions, collective bargaining and freedom of association in an increasingly complex environment. PSI recently organised the Route of Shame, a bicycle ride to draw attention to countries which consistently violate workers’ rights, held simultaneously in Geneva and several other cities in Latin America on 12th June. Turkey was one of the countries on that Route of Shame and DISK president Kani Beko addressed the crowd on the Place des Nations.

PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli also spoke in the Committee on the Application of Standards on the Turkish case.

Send a letter of protest on Labourstart
Organise a demonstration, deliver a letter to the Turkish embassy/consulate in your country

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