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Coal seam gas mining

15 December 2015
Photo: Kate Ausburn - Creative Commons

The issue of coal seam gas mining in residential, farming and water catchment areas is very much an unknown quantity with respect to short term and long term effects both directly and indirectly. PSI affiliate in Australia, the Australian Services Union (ASU), has a strong position in opposing development that harms or may harm local communities. ASU members are involved both in their employment and voluntary community activism in safe guarding communities.

Climate agreement ratified in Paris

14 December 2015
Cut emissions, not public services!

Some call it an historic agreement, the first time all nations commit to actions to deal with the threats of climate change. The Kyoto Protocol only committed a specific group of nations to act.

Join the social media storm against fracking

Ban Fracking

Public Services International (PSI) is supporting the Food & Water Watch initiative to Ban fracking Now.

Please join the social media storm on 10 December!

Just Transition for the workforce and the creation of decent work and quality jobs


Public Services International (PSI) and its European representative European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) are very concerned that European delegations are not supporting the COP agreement to commit to Human Rights and a Just Transition. PSI requests all affiliates to urgently take action!

Migrants, Refugees and Climate Change: the Trade Union Response

7 December, 2015

At a time when racism is growing and negative narratives are growing against refugees and migrants fleeing poverty and oil wars, this 2-hours workshop at the Climate Generation Areas of Paris COP 21 organised by PSI affiliate the Public and Commercial Services Union (UK), combined a panel discussion and a debate with the audience.

Video: Update from COP21

05 December 2015

A battle for human rights and a Just transition to a green economy

03 December 2015

After negotiations that took place on 2 December, PSI and other unions are uniting against attempts to water down the COP agreement to commit to Human Rights and a Just Transition to a green economy for those who currently work in carbon-intensive industries.

The great climate change swindle

03 December 2015
Photo: Billy Wilson - Creative Commons

As Heads of State prepare to negotiate an international accord in Paris against global warming, their trade negotiators are meeting in Geneva to secretly forge a new free trade agreement that could expand fossil fuels’ exploitation and cause further climate change.

Climate Change: COP21

30 November, 2015 to 11 December, 2015

The biggest climate conference ever has opened in Paris under extremely tight security. The terror attacks of 13 November caused the French government to cancel the massive people’s demonstration on 29 November and have significantly altered the focus of the climate conference, as security issues permeate.

Trade Union Forum on Climate and Jobs

3 December, 2015 to 4 December, 2015

Trade unions will be present in Paris and will be engaging between them and with allies on their experiences on climate change around the world. Join us in our forum!