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Thai Migrant Workers' Network statement on International Migrants' Day

18 December, 2013
State Enterprises Workers' Relation Confederation of Thailand (SERC)
The State Enterprise Workers' Relation Confederation of Thailand (SERC) and Migrant Workers Right Network (MWRN) recognise the significant contribution of international migrants in Thailand and have organised joint activities to campaign for protection of migrants' rights and to develop migrant quality of life to the same level as Thai workers.

It is estimated there are approximately 4 million migrant workers currently in Thailand but only 1,972,504 are permitted to legally work. Out of those permitted to work 698,777 migrants entered the country legally whilst 1,273,727 migrants entered the country irregularly. Some 2-3 million more migrants entered irregularly into Thailand and have not registered at all.

Migrants are crucial for Thailand's productivity and economic growth. However, these workers are also often poorly treated by officials or employers and denied human rights and decent work conditions. Migrants still face wage deductions and unlawful salaries, dangerous and unhygienic working conditions, detention in a slave-like conditions and too frequently fall victim to human trafficking.


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