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Sign On Now: Letter to Lagos Governor - Don't privatize public water!

03 August 2017
Photo: Sani Baba
PSI along with Corporate Accountability International and other partners is circulating a letter in support of the Our Water Our Right coalition in Lagos - to show global support for their opposition to a NEW and IMMINENT privatization threat. PSI has been fighting water privatization in Lagos for several years.

Many of you signed a recent letter regarding a draconian environment bill which with your support, we won! The problematic measures we opposed were removed from the environment bill. However, the Lagos government is moving forward with a public private partnership which could result in the privatization of water for millions of people. And the French giant Veolia, a transnational corporation with an alarming track record of human rights violations, has already submitted an expression of interest! In other words, despite our victories, Lagos is again at the brink of privatization and we need your help.

Please add your organization name to the sign-on letter via the form below by August 11th at 5pm


We are organizations around the world committed to ensuring the human right to water is upheld and protected. We are deeply concerned to see the Lagos State Water Corporation pursuing multiple concessions and other corporate contracts, including a 25-year concession for the Adiyan II project and a public private partnership (PPP) for the Odomola project. Based on many of our experiences in cities around the world, we know that PPPs and other privatization contracts often bring unexpected costs for cities, raise rates for consumers, and produce labor violations and infrastructure neglect.

Given these concerns, we wish to express our profound hope that you will:
● Withdraw current efforts to secure corporate concessions and contracts in the water sector.
● Commit to public funding of water and ensure robust and accountable democratic process for implementing any legislation relating to water and sanitation.
In conclusion, we are eager to see your administration commit to ensuring the human right to water through a democratic, public system.  Your leadership on water will not only ensure all Lagosians can access clean, safe water -- it will also set an example for all of us around the world.


The Undersigned



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