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Public Services International calls for peace in Ukraine

21 February 2014
The global trade union federation Public Services International (PSI) calls for an immediate end to violence and fighting in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine. As many as 100 people have been killed in the latest clashes this week, and hundreds more people have been wounded.

The headquarters of the Ukrainian trade union federation in the Maidan (Independence Square) in Kiev was set on fire on the night of 18 February. PSI’s affiliate the Ukrainian Health Workers’ Union (HWUU) is located in this building. HWUU members have been providing medical care and other necessary aid to all from medical aid posts at this site and elsewhere.

PSI expresses full support to the HWUU and all of our affiliated trade unions in the Ukraine during these very difficult times, and looks for a peaceful resolution to the current conflict.

PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli says, “The violence must stop immediately; only then can negotiations lead to real results.”

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