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PSI Survey on Migration in the Health and Social Care Sectors

24 September 2012
Public Services International (PSI) is carrying out a global survey on international migration in the health and social care sectors. The survey aims to collect data on the causes and impact of migration in the health and social care sectors. This will help the PSI and affiliated unions to address migration in health and social care sectors.

In 2011, PSI launched a participatory research and mapping on migration in the health and social care sectors in pilot countries in Africa, namely, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. More countries were then added, namely Australia, Fiji and the Philippines.

The research shows the human resources for health crisis affecting developing countries that are also losing their health and social care workers to migration. Through the research we have highlighted the link between improvement in salaries and working conditions and the decreasing intention to migrate, as well as the role of public sector trade unions in winning rights and decent work for health and social care workers.

Encouraged by the results of the research, PSI is now inviting health and social care sector workers to participate in this global survey. The survey can be completed on-line in English or in Spanish.

The results of the survey will be written up in a global report by PSI’s research consultant, Dr Jane Pillinger. This will be presented at the PSI Migration Conference Workshop on 22-23 November 2012, preceding the PSI’s World Congress on 27-30 November 2012 in Durban, South Africa.
On behalf of PSI, I thank you for your participation and cooperation in this important piece of research.

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