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PSI Inter-America launches online platform which allows to follow its 5-year Action Plan

30 August 2016
New website gathers news, events and actions related to the topics of the document approved at the last PSI Inter-American Regional Conference (IAMRECON) held in April 2015 in Mexico.


It is already working the online platform of the Public Services International (PSI) Inter-America's Action Plan 2015-2020. The new website was developed by the Regional Office of the PSI Inter-America, with the support of all offices in the region. Linked to the main site of the PSI, it aims to be a reference tool to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of actions and activities related to the document approved at the last PSI Inter-American Regional Conference (IAMRECON) held in April 2015 in Mexico.

"In the way it is designed, the platform allows affiliates of PSI and its leaders follow the daily life of the organization and everything is being done to implement the Plan of Action adopted at our Regional Conference. Is a breakthrough in terms of transparency and allows greater participation of everyone interested in the actions of our PSI", says Jocelio Drummond, Regional Secretary of the PSI Inter-America.

News, events, reports, documents, actions, campaigns, videos and photos related to the topics and subtopics that comprise the Action Plan 2015-2020 are available on this website, wich will help in the preparation of the activities annual reports, or even will itself serve as an online activities report.

The platform can be accessed through the main site of PSI (through the "regions" button), the home page of the PSI Inter-America, or directly here (English) and here (Spanish). It is important to note that the content present in each of these languages ​​does not represent the totality of the material, but what is available in the chosen language.

The website is organized according the principal axes of the Action Plan and its subtopics. Visitors can also view the contents or search through a timeline and a map, wich is divided among the seven sub-regions of Inter-America.

We invite the affiliates to use this platform frequently, using it for updating on the actions and activities of PSI and for information searches and inquiries about them. The platform can and should also serve for organizations in their trade union activities. We believe that in this way we can better organize our struggles.


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