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PSI Communicators' Action Network - Greece 4-8 November 2013

4 November, 2013 to 8 November, 2013
09.00 - 17.00
Athens, Greece
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An expert team of affiliate union journalists and communicators from around the world are gathering for the PSI-EPSU Communicators’ Action Network initiative in Athens, Greece from 4-8 November. This is a joint project of PSI and EPSU, together with our affiliate unions, ADEDY, and allies in Greece. Read the stories: www.psi-can-greece.org

In the wake of the financial crisis, PSI-EPSU affiliate unions in Greece continue to lead demands for social change that will deliver the trade union rights and peaceful democratic systems supported by quality public services that benefit all citizens.

In this era of corporate media domination, we believe that building trade union communications capacity is necessary to achieve essential rights to freedom of expression and information, increase diversity in media voices, and promote transparency in governance.

This solidarity exchange will enable PSI and EPSU affiliate communicators from other countries to learn more about the issues facing Greek trade unionists and share this understanding with their union members and communities around the world. Focus issues include the under-funding of health services, opposition to water and electricity privatization, working conditions in prisons, tax justice, the need for public media, and sustainable alternatives to the current paradigm.

Centred in Athens, this event will challenge experienced union journalists and communicators to apply their skills in producing: Stories and interview profiles on-location; photo essays; videos; traditional and social media outreach.

This initiative builds on previous successful PSI CAN missions held in Tunisia (2011) and Wisconsin, USA (2012).

It’s our turn to tell our own stories. Together we can find collective solutions to common challenges, and write a new future for our families and communities.

Read the stories and follow the activities: www.psi-can-greece.org

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